Creative Kids of Downingtown Child Care
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Creative Kids of Downingtown Child Care

1424 Poorhouse Road
Downingtown, PA 19335




Young Toddlers -12 to 24 Months

At Creative Kids our Young Toddler Room is full of action! Children are crawling or walking around trying to explore anything they can get their hands on. Our young toddler teachers are sure to keep your little one busy throughout the day with their planned schedule.

In the morning your child will do a short circle time where they practice alphabet songs, color songs, number songs, and many others that encourage language development.

They will participate in music and dance to help their bodies learn to follow the rhythm! Afterward, they will go outside to play on a playground designed for their height and developmental abilities. When they need to cool down, they come inside for snack and craft time. Then, they eat their lunch and relax with a short story time. Afterward, your child will lay down on their own personal cot for nap time. Not a sleeper? That's okay! We have tons of fun and quiet activities to pass the time.

You will receive a verbal and written detailed report about your child's day. This report will include information about their meals, sleep times, diaper changes and important events from their busy day. Be sure to check their mailboxes for crafts being sent home for you to admire!