Creative Kids of Downingtown Child Care
"Learning Starts Here!"


Creative Kids of Downingtown Child Care

1424 Poorhouse Road
Downingtown, PA 19335




Pre-School - 3 Years Old

Welcome to Pre-School! This class is full of wonderful children who are learning to write their name, write the alphabet, read exciting stories, and become engaged all day long. Look around the's full of activities and things to learn with....along with a teacher dedicated to helping your child absorb as much knowledge as possible.

Throughout the year you will be asked to attend parent conferences that will keep you involved in the education and care of your children...and you will be impressed!

This class also makes another important transition, they go to our upper playground! This play system was designed to accommodate as many as eighty children, be don't worry.... we only have one class of about ten children out on the play equipment at a time to help ensure the safety of all of the children.